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Take the Biblezon Lenten Challenge

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Lent is only 21 days away.

It snuck up on you, didn’t it? Me too. It seems like only a week or so since the “Christmas is almost here!” signs were everywhere, and now it’s almost Lent.

In a few days, we’ll start asking each other what we’re giving up this year. Maybe we’ll cut out soda, or stop watching TV. Most of us have a lot of small things we could sacrifice.

But here’s a different approach you can try in 2016: instead of giving up something, do something more.

Most of the time, that’s the real way to make progress. It’s much harder to do good work than avoid doing bad work; it’s harder to begin a new spiritual enterprise than to avoid diet soda. But it’s always easier to start something new if people do it together.

Biblezon is inviting you to grow in your faith this Lent by participating in our 40 Days of Lent Bible Challenge.

The goal: read the whole Testament between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

It’s not as hard as you might think. In fact, it only takes 30 minutes of reading a day (less than a TV episode), for 40 days, to read the entire New Testament.

This is one of those things Catholics know we need to add into our spiritual lives. Most of our Protestant friends have ten verses memorized for each one we can quote. It’s not that we don’t want to read the Bible; maybe we don’t know the best way to start.

By accepting this challenge, you’ll end your Lent having read every recorded word of Christ and all the writings of the Apostles. And here’s how Biblezon will help you do that:

Some Advice On Prayer -2 - saint-ambrose-of-milan

Get Your Assigned Reading

Every day, participants in the challenge will get the day’s chapters sent to them. You’ll easily be able to pull up the chapters on your Bible app and read the assignment for each day. And since you’re on the tablet, you won’t lose your place and you won’t be distracted by other apps or notifications. There’s simply no easier or more focused way to read Scripture.

Celebrating the Paschal Feast-Athanasius -2- Christ Blessing

Test Your Knowledge

Along with each reading assignment, you’ll get a quiz. Don’t worry, you won’t be graded, but a short quiz is a great way to help you remember what you’ve read.


Pray with Scripture

We’ll also send you meditations and prayers to go with each day’s readings. Because the Bible isn’t just words, it’s the Word of God, it’s not not enough to merely read it. Praying with Scripture allows the Holy Spirit to speak to us and help us understand His Word in a more personal way.

Jesus Eternal Word Image of the Father--Athanasius -2- Christ in the Clouds

Are You Ready to Take the Challenge?

As Ash Wednesday approaches, its good to add small sacrifices to your list. Every small act is important. But when people start asking what you’re doing for Lent, we hope you’ll tell them you’re taking part in the 40 Days of Lent Bible Challenge.

When Easter rolls around, you won’t have just skipped some sweets – you’ll have taken a significant step forward in your spiritual life. I can’t think of a better way to spend your Lent.

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  • Roxanne Trombly

    40 day challenge

    • Mary

      I signed up for the challenge but cannot login and cannot figure out who to talk to or how to fix the problem. It says my password is wrong even though I am using the one biblezon emailed to me. . Can you help me? My email address is
      Thank you, mary

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