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How to Support the New Evangelization with a Catholic Tablet

The New Evangelization

Pope Bennedict called for us to bring Christ to the Digital world. As the lay faithful, it is our job to consecrate the world. Where the world uses the digital technologies for superfluous or even harmful things, like pornography, we are called to convert the world’s usage of these things for good, for the gospel, and for the Lord. Using and talking about BibleZon to friends is a beautiful opportunity to re-evangelize ourselves, redirecting our own hearts to God, and to sanctify the digital world. Here are a couple of my thoughts on how BibleZon can help you support the New Evangelization.

Be an Example:

One way to support the new Evangelization with a Catholic tablet is to be an example of prayer for your family. We are told by Christ not to be lamps under bushel baskets, but to be as lights on the top of a hill. The point is that our Catholicism needs to be visible. Using our phones and secular tablets to pray is an absolutely invisible way of praying, because those who see us praying with these technologies will assume that we are simply working or getting on social networks. Using the Biblezon tablet is a great way to continue using digital technologies for prayer while still providing a visible example of Catholicism in action. As the head of my family, I want my kids and wife to see me praying because they follow my lead. If I am using my phone or ipad – even though I might be studying the bible, they do not know what am doing. I want my kids to have a clear example of prayer, so that they can see how important it is to develop their relationship with God.

Convert the Culture:

Using digital technologies for prayer is a clear next step for Catholics- it follows in the same vein of our tradition. However, we have forgotten our history, and it is important to recall this now: whenever Catholicism first encountered a new culture, it began “converting” the secular parts of that culture, Christianizing those traditions that were there in order to provide bridges between that culture and the Catholic faith. The Roman festivals to God’s were revised to be celebrations for Christian saints- temples became consecrated churches, etc. Now, we are faced with a similar situation in this country, which has obviously left its Christan roots. We need to treat our own country as a mission territory, and to do so, we need to take pieces of this culture that are able to provide pathways to our faith and start trailblazing. Appropriating digital technologies for prayer is a perfect example of the Catholic instinct.

10. John. 2:15-16

The apostle John wrote the following in one of his letters to the Church:
Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.
When he uses the word “world,” he means those things which are sinful, disordered, or stained by evil. The New Testament is absolutely full of warnings about the things of the flesh passing away, being separated from things of the “spirit” and burnt like dead twigs or scattered like chaff. Let us as a Church participate in this sifting by taking from our culture things that can be devoted to God, and discarding things which pull us into lust or the pride of life. Our own tablets and phones are places of temptation. Get a Biblezon Tablet, and you will have a Catholic tablet that is not of the world, but is of the Spirit.

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