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Help us help you to “pray without ceasing”


pw872du9dfogcdaz6ugiHelp us launch a product that protects your phone and at the same time will help you to “pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

A few years ago BibleZon CEO and founder Mosongo Osong left behind the secular business world and sought to find a way to use his talents by placing them in the service of God. He decided to create products that would evangelize and promote the Christian faith.

This journey forever changed his life. He put together a team of engineers and together they launched a product like none other before. They introduced to the world the first Catholic Tablet called BibleZon in 2014. This tablet is dedicated entirely to the Catholic faith and has over 48 apps available for kids and adults. These apps range the spectrum of serious tools for study, to entertaining games all of which bring users closer to God and into a deeper understanding of their faith.

The BibleZon Catholic Tablet has now become a great tool for thousands of Catholics around the world to learn and practice their faith daily and to do so distraction free. We have in place a great team of devout Christians who are dedicated to making many more products, not just limited to Catholics but to all Christians.

iPhone5s-maryIn that spirit we are pleased to announce some exciting new products we are adding to the BibleZon line of merchandise through the launch of our a new Indiegogo campaign. The first we would like to introduce is our new product line called BiblezonCases for phones and tablets suitable for all Christians. The covers are available for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Kindle Fire. The Phone covers are compatible with the most popular models of iPhone and Android phones. Two designs of artwork are available to choose from.

We believe these cases will revolutionize the way many of us use our phones and portable devices. Our samsung-galaxy-s7-edgeBiblezon covers will transform your smart phone or other device, into a powerful tool for evangelization and worship time. These covers will allow you to proudly express your Christian faith while planting spiritual seeds in your friends and neighbors; a truly revolutionary way to evangelize. BiblezonCases are a great tool for college students to openly and inconspicuously promote their faith on campus. These cases will serve as a constant reminder of your faith and when you reach for your device will make you reconsider using it for questionable activities.


advent1Additionally, BibleZon will be releasing an Advent app in mid-November.advent2 The app will be your daily companion through advent in preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord. The Advent app is loaded with many exciting features including:

  • How to setup an advent wreath
  • Daily reading
  • Reflection
  • Prayers
  • Spiritual exercises

In addition to these the app also provides resources such as advent videos, printables, games, and Christmas carols. Throughout the advent season focus will be paid on special feast day activities such as stuffing shoes for St. Nicholas Day, Immaculate Conception, St. Andrew Novena, 12 Days of Christmas, Solemnity of Mary, The Epiphany and The Baptism of Jesus.

There are multiple levels of Perks available for you to take advantage of and help us reach our fundraising goal of $20,000. Together we can evangelize the world.

Click here and visit our Indiegogo campaign page to get all the details.


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