How much does the tablet cost?

Adult : (ages 13 and up)$119.00
Kids : (ages 5-12)$129.00

What is the method of shipping used?

USPS Priority or First Class Mail depending on the item ordered

How many apps does the Biblezon tablet come with?

26 apps preloaded and we are adding more apps every month

Will more apps be added to the Biblezon tablet in the future?


Does the tablet update?


Is there a warranty?

Yes. One year manufacturer warranty

How long is the battery life?

4 -5 hours of working time.

Why is my tablet running slow?

1. Check to make sure you are not downloading any app as this may cause other apps to run slow or slow the general performance of the tablet.

Also, try closing out completely on previously visited apps. this is how you can close the apps:

  • On the bottom of the screen, tap on an icon with 2 small rectangles.
  • A page will open with a screen shot of all your most recently opened apps.
  • Place your finger on one of them and slide it to the left or right to close
  • Do same for all the other apps shown here.
  • Once you have completed same process for all the apps, it should say “no recent apps”.
  • Close out of the page and return to the home screen.

How can I access files from my sd card on the Biblezon Tablet?

Sd card files can be viewed through our Biblezon Book app.

How do I refresh my tablet if running slow?

See video tutorial on how to solve this problem

How do I recover a deleted Launcher/homescreen?

See video tutorial on how to solve this problem

How do I connect my WiFi?

Please click on this link to watch a video tutorial on how to connect your WiFi. Click Here

Why does my tablet lock after one minute?

If your tablet is set to sleep after 1minute of inactivity, then your tablet will lock after one minute.

How do set my tablet to stay on longer without locking/go to sleep?

Go to Settings/Display/Sleep on the sleep screen, select duration of time (1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes) you would like for your tablet to stay on before locking/going to sleep mode, then go back to the home screen.

My home screen/launcher shows duplicate apps. why?

You need to update your launcher from the app store to fix this problem

  • Be sure you are connected to WiFi
  • Tap on Biblezon Store
  • On search bar, type Biblezon
  • Scroll down and select “Biblezon Adult Launcher” if you have the tablet ages 12years and up, or “Biblezon Kids Launcher” if you have the kids tablet
  • Tap “Update” to update your launcher
  • The app will start the downloading process. Once this is done,
  • It will ask if you want to “install” this app, tap “install”
  • Once the install process is completed, you will see “done” or “open”

Once the updating process is done, verify that you updated the launcher to the current version. Our current launcher version is “version 6.6. for tablets ages 12 and up and “version 3.6” for the kids tablets.

To check launcher version,

  • Go to Settings/apps/
  • Select “Biblezon” if you have the tablet for ages 12 and up
  • select “Biblezon kids” if you have the kids tablet.
  • on top left hand side, where you have the Biblezon logo, it should say the version number

How do I get liturgy of the hours on my tablet?

Please download the Catholic Calendar: Universalis app from the Biblezon Store to access the Liturgy of the hours

Do I need WiFi to operate and use my Biblezon tablet?

Yes. Certain apps require you to connect to WiFi

How do I contact Biblezon customer service?

Email us at info@biblezon.com or call us at 469-416-4942 and follow the prompts.

Can I download other Catholic apps of my choice on the Biblezon tablet?

You can download more Catholic apps on our Market Place app (Biblezon Store)

You can always browse on our store app to see when there are new applications available to download or for when you need to update a current app.

Can I download my books on the Biblezon tablet?


Will I be able to use my SD card on the Biblezon tablet?


Why can’t I check my email on my Biblezon tablet?

Biblezon is a distraction free tablet designed purposely to assist catholics focus on their faith only

What if I am not satisfied with the Biblezon tablet?

Return for a full refund within 14 days from the date you receive your Biblezon in the mail.

Can I take, store and share photos/videos with my Biblezon tablet?


Why is it taking long to load a page or open an app?

If you are downloading multiple applications at a time, this may cause your tablet performance to slow down. Please download only one app per time.

I downloaded an app and now I cannot find it on the home screen.

If you download an app and you are unable to see it on the home screen, please follow these steps on how to access those missing apps:

Go to

  • Settings/home
  • Select “Launcher”
  • Tap on the little circle with 6 dots inside at the very bottom center
  • All the apps you have downloaded will shown here
  • Look for the missing app to access it.

You can always go back to the Biblezon home screen by doing the following that app:

  • Place your finger on the top right hand corner.
  • Swipe your finger down to access settings.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on home.
  • Select “Biblezon”
  • Tap on the little “house” icon on the center of the screen.
  • This should take you to the Biblezon homescreen.

What type of files are supported on the Biblezon Tablet?

The following files can be supported on the Biblezon: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, png, jpeg, mp3, mp4, epub, and pdf.

How do I stop multiple downloads?

See video tutorial on how to solve this problem

How do i delete a duplicate apps?

See video tutorial on how to solve this problem

Can I return my tablet if I don’t like it?

Yes. If it is within 14 days since you received it in the mail. Mail to 2022 westbury Lane, Allen, Texas 75013

How do I access other catholic websites?

You can access other catholic websites through the Navigator app on your tablet

How do I download an app from the Biblezon Store?

Please click on this link to watch a video tutorial on how to download an app from the Biblezon Store. Click Here

How do I stop multiple downloads?

To stop multiple downloads, go to

  • Settings/apps
  • Place your finger on the middle right of the screen and slid your finger to the left
  • Stop on the last page that says “All” on the top middle of the screen
  • Scroll up to find “Download Manager”
  • Tap on Download Manager
  • Tap on “Force stop”/ok
  • Tap on “clear cache”
  • Tap on “clear data”/ok
  • Go back to home screen

My WiFi is on, why does it still say I need to connect to my WiFi?

Wi-Fi being on does not mean connected

To know that your Wi-Fi is actually connected, you MUST enter your password correctly and tap connect. Once it is done authenticating, it should say “Connected”

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