“The Biblezon tablet is a wonderful device that holds hundreds of prayers and devotions that are just “one click” away. No need to carry multiple prayer books anymore, while the children’s version provides additional stories and animation geared to help form young Catholic minds. A great family tool for the New Evangelization!”

Doug Keck, CEO/President EWTN

In a world where Internet sanity is eluding us, Biblezon is what we need to keep us focused. Biblezon is a tablet that helps Catholics to pray and concentrate on growing their spiritual lives without the distraction of mundane applications that are found on regular tablets. This Church-only tablet brings together the collection of Catholic prayers and meditation with readings that enrich individual faith. I recommend Biblezon for the spiritual growth of Catholics.

Rev. Father Jacob Dankasa,

I was very glad to see the new tablet Biblezon as a tool for any individual who wants to learn more about (insert space between “more” and “about”) our Catholic faith or even for someone who is thinking about becoming Catholic. What I liked the most is that children and teenagers can safely surf the content without having to worry about safety or inappropriate pages that might come up on a regular tablet. I hardly encourage the use of Biblezon to the Catholic families as a tool to improve our knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Claudio Mora, Coordinator of Family Life Ministry

When I heard about the birth of Biblezon tablet being the first World Catholic electronic evangelization resource, I said, this is A dream come true. Interesting to know that with this tablet you have nothing to download. No distraction. It is not a phone. It is an electronic prayer book. It comes fully loaded with all Catholic prayers universally recognized. You can use it anywhere in the world.I encourage everyone to use it and spread the good news not only to Catholics but also to Non-Catholics who want to learn the truth of the Catholic faith.

Barnabas Osong, Lay Carmelite brother

Biblezon is a fantastic idea and has the opportunity to be a great platform for “all things Catholic”. It presents an excellent opportunity to leverage technology to share and spread Christ’s word with our fellow Catholics in the digital world we live in today.I have faith in its founder and pray that God gives him and his team the patience, courage, and grace to fulfill this commendable endeavor.

Aaron Baldwin, General Manager AT&T

“The BibleZon tablet is a great way for Catholics around the world to engage daily in their faith without distractions. We at TheCatholicDirectory.com are pleased that BibleZon users will be able to stay connected with their churches 24×7 with our Mass Times Catholic Directory app on the tablet as well!”

Don Schreiner, President, TheCatholicDirectory.com

Biblezon is a wonderful product and a blessing to the church and the christian community. It is about time we have a product that is geared towards our faith and relationship with God. I believe biblezon will serve God`s purpose and bring more people back to the church. I highly recommend biblezon to both Catholics and non-Catholics.

Aprel Barron, Sister-in-Christ, Little elm, Texas

As a person new to Catholicism, I have found Biblezon invaluable in learning the Catechism, understanding the faith and preparing myself for baptism. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the Catholic faith and what I like most is my children can safely search the content without having to worry about innapproriate pages coming up. I strongly recommend Biblezon as a tool for improving their Catholic faith and especially for Catholics new to the faith.

Jay Nuzum, Parishioner, St Francis of Assisi Frisco TX

Biblezon? What? A tablet? no internet? … Why not just the app? What a waste of effort… These are the responses from tech savy folks like you and I. We have failed to “see” others in our community who struggle with technology, whether it is due to affordability or simply due to the fast changing technological landscape. In this new world, many prayer books are old or no longer available due to printing cost or because we have transplanted to new locations. The prayers our parents learnt are now lost from the younger folks. Biblezon was created to bridge these gaps. It is loaded with prayers that our parents are familiar with, versatile and easy for old and young to use and most importantly it was created to be Universal – to be CATHOLIC, in language and culture.

Dominic, Parishioner at St Elizabeth, Plano TX

“This device is a simple tablet that does one thing good. Deliver tools, at your fingertips, to enrich your Catholic faith while eliminating any possibility of secular distraction on the device. It is a device I now find myself using for the Liturgy of the Hours and daily readings.”

Pete Socks, The Catholic Book Blogger

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