So happy with my purchase, I love all my catholic info in one place, I love the liturgy of the hours, I go to Adoration every week and instead of an arm full of devotionals and Bible I now use my Biblezon tablet! Love it !


I use my biblezon to pray my Divine office. It has been an amazing experience devoid of distractions.

Father Dankasa

This device is a simple tablet that does one thing good. Deliver tools, at your fingertips, to enrich your Catholic faith while eliminating any possibility of secular distraction on the device. It is a device I now find myself using for the Liturgy of the Hours and daily readings.

Pete Socks

I have and I love it, it doesn’t distract me from going to my email or anything else. I thank my son for getting it for me as a Christmas gift.

Rosie Carrillo

I got mine the day they came out with them. I really like mine. It took me some time to learn how it works only because I didn’t know I could add things to it. I am glad my husband suggested I order it.

Debra Richard Fusilier

A great asset to have in Adoration,instead of an arm full of devotionals I now just use my tablet.Thank You Biblezon for your prompt attention. Love it !.

Barbara Mitchell Carroll

I enjoy my Biblezon so much. I like that it is a dedicated tablet and that it is an all Catholic tablet. Easy to access and fast to get information. I also enjoy having access to prayers, chaplets, the the Rosary, Saints and readings for the day (especially for Lent). I also like the audio that can be used. I also got one for my 93 year old mother and she enjoys it too.I really appreciate your Biblezon and that it keeps me closer to my faith!

Bill Leicht

I received my Biblezon tablet for Christmas and I love it. I pray the Liturgy of the Hours with it and take it to Adoration. I enjoy reading the Popes app and followed him in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. I am finding so much more about my faith using several of the apps!

Marie Garrett

I got mine last Monday and wow, it is everything and more, easy to navigate, no problems so far. I had it blessed by Fr. Pardee my parish priest, and he was amazed and my catholic friends, also. Now they want one. Cannot say enough about it. Very pleased with it….Thank you

Betty Williams

Enjoy my Biblezon purchase, Easy to access and fast to retrieve information. I also enjoy having access to prayers, chaplets, the Rosary, Saints and readings for the day, I am enjoying all my catholic info in one place and it fits conveniently in my purse!

Maria Meza

I love mine. Still learning everything it can do.

Yolanda Tiscareno McKinnon

Mine just arrived yesterday and it’s absolutely wonderful! Got one for my dad for Christmas and the kids tablet for each of my children!

Leslie Michelle Crosbie

This is really a great reference tool. I use it when I need items for the bulletin. I pray the Divine Mercy and Rosary with it. Great way to learn new prayers.

Donna Harvey

I Love my was easy to set up and easy to use. It has a wealth of information, television. radio, and a chat room .[all catholic] I cannot wait to show my catholic friends, No more having to look things up in the bible, concordance, or the catechism for they are time consuming. At mass i can following the readings easily without trying to find it in the mass books, it is all there. So,so much more, there is not enough room on here to say all the good things it offers. LOVE, LOVE, Love this tablet.

Debra Williams

I absolutely LOVE my Biblezon Tablet! I take it with me everywhere! I can’t wait til the Kids tablet comes in December!!! I share it with all my friends and family. It’s perfect for having all I need in reference to my Catholic faith in one place! I love how there are no distractions unlike my phone which constantly goes off due to email, a text or interruption of a phone call or social media! It’s exactly what the world today needs!

I definitely recommend to all my fellow Catholic friends to give Biblezon a chance!

Maria Meza

I’ve been a user of Biblezon tablet since it was launched last year, I got my first Biblezon tablet last December 2014. I really like the tablet, it’s very handy and useful to me since I am always on the go attending several prayer meetings, one thing I like so much with this tablet are the apps which are pre installed aside from the bible itself, the rosary and its reflection which I like in each decades and divine mercy which I often use during our rosary and divine mercy prayers made easy for me since I can access right away in one tablet. The Ibreviary enable me to download the week gospel. I can’t go to church or prayer meeting without this wonderful tablet. To date I’ve already ordered a total of 7 Biblezon tablets which I give it as a gift to my 2 daughters and friends. If you’re a practicing Catholic this is a must have. I highly recommend it. Thank you to the founders of this Catholic tablet.

Ruben D. Logarta

Just wanted to say how happy I am with my Tablet that I purchased Oct.28,2015. I use it every day for all my prayers and it is great taking to Mass. So glad I came upon your ad on Facebook. Thank you for such a great Catholic tablet.

Ray Vitello

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