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The Mass is one of if not the most important sacramental activity of the Church. One of the most

important things to do when raising kids is to instill in them a love and commitment to the Mass. To

achieve this parents come up with creative ways to teach their kids. Biblezon has created the perfect

solution with their Biblezon Mass app. The app has multiple options so let’s take a look at each of them.

Order of the Mass

Biblezon takes kids through an illustrated walkthrough of the Mass. As the Mass progresses your child

can follow along and “turn the pages” on their Biblezon Tablet for kids. The illustrations accurately

portray what is happening and are accompanied with a brief explanation. Pages are The entrance of the

Priest, The Lord Speaks, The Profession of Faith and Prayer of the Faithful, Presentation of the Offering

1, Presentation of the Offerings 2, Washing of the Hands, The Preface, Consecration of the Bread,

Consecration of the Wine, The Great “Amen”, The Lord’s Prayer, Holy Communion, and the Concluding

Rite. You may even find yourself peeking over your child’s shoulder to see some of the explanations



Each week the Mass app provides your child with the weekly Gospel reading for Sunday. They can easily

read along while the priest proclaims the gospel on their very own “electronic missal”. The inclusion of

the Gospel reading is also a perfect tool for reviewing the Gospel reading the week after Mass.


For the younger kids Biblezon has included some coloring pages relative to the sequence of events in the

Order of the Mass listed above. This allows your child to have an activity to attend to during Mass when

they become fidgety and yet still gain value from the time spent in church. The pictures, particularly

those with the priest, can be colored to match the liturgical season. This can lead to a teaching moment

about why the vestments colors change.

The Biblezon Mass app is a perfect tool for kids of all ages The older kids can easily follow along with the

Mass and learn what is happening and the younger kids can take part in a constructive activity that

teaches them even when they do not think they are being taught.

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