Would You Camp Out Overnight for This?

Take a look at the picture above. That’s not a refugee camp. That’s a crowd of people waiting for the last Twilight movie. People spend hours, even days, waiting to be the first to view a new film. And it makes sense (not for... [...]


You’re Not Mother Theresa. And Here’s Why That’s OK.

Mother Theresa is a saint. Well, she’s only beatified right now, but there’s no doubt she’s going to be canonized. For years, she was held up to the world as an example of sanctity, an example that everyone could respect. Interestingly, though, I’ve heard... [...]


God is Not Any of These Three Things

Wonder-Couselor. God-Hero. Paraclete. Emmanuel. God has a lot of names, and that’s because He’s a lot of things. God is everything to us because loving Him is what makes us happy, and loving Him is our purpose. The closer we grow to God, the... [...]


Look at My Words and Despair

Yes, I know. You usually look at my words and despair, so what’s new? You’re rude. Anyways, I want to share with you something that is very special to me. In high school we had a semester we had to read poetry. Yes, I... [...]

Tired couple drinking coffee in a kitchen

Four Ways to Enrich Your Mass Experience

“I love you.” When did those words mean the most to you — on your wedding day, holding your child for the first time, seeing a family member after a long absence? Even if you’ve said or heard those words a million times, on... [...]


6 Reasons Why Catholics Need A Catholic Tablet

During this exciting age of technology and of faith, there is a spiritual revival that is sweeping through the entire world. People are rediscovering their faith, or discovering it for the first time, and they are becoming thirsty for ways of connecting to God.... [...]


How to Support the New Evangelization with a Catholic Tablet

Pope Bennedict called for us to bring Christ to the Digital world. As the lay faithful, it is our job to consecrate the world. Where the world uses the digital technologies for superfluous or even harmful things, like pornography, we are called to convert... [...]


Salt of the Earth: Comedy, Hiphop, and the Lay Vocation

Vocation I was a senior in High School when God rocked my world and brought me to Him. One of the things that was so wonderful about this conversion was learning that my life had a purpose. I think part of the reason it’s... [...]


Bear Lenten Fruit: Seven Steps to a Successful Fast

  We’re over two weeks in, and the fact that you’re reading this post alone means that you’re probably still doing pretty good. All too often, however, we get busy, we let our commitment slide here and there, and all the sudden it’s Holy... [...]


How to Use Social Media and NOT Make Your Kids Want to Kill You

Last week I was humbled. Yes, humbled. My youth leadership team was presenting at our weekly youth night. The topic they chose to cover was social media, which is great because, though I am far from a social media pariah, they are still more... [...]

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