The Eagle and the Rattlesnake

We often judge people don’t we? We put up invisible walls against those we don’t trust. Somehow we sense when someone is “up to no good” and means to do us harm. However, do we stop and think about our own intentions? I think we often forget that due...

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Our heavenly home

Our Heavenly Home Commercialism is all around us. It stares us in the face as we watch TV. Buy this fancy new vehicle and you will have a big smile on your face like this family…..maybe even balloons! Rush out and buy this new leather recliner and you’ll sleep...

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Handling criticism

It seems no matter what our station in life we are bound to be the object of criticism at some point. Perhaps you are a teacher whom parents criticize their teaching style. Maybe you are a sports coach who is criticized for making the wrong call at a crucial...

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Biblezon heads to Rome

The Biblezon Catholic Tablet is the first tablet dedicated entirely to your Catholic faith. Many people have experienced the advantages of a Biblezon tablet. They love the ability to use modern technology without the distractions of text messages or phone calls. The portability of taking an entire library of...

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Strengthening seminarians

Fred Craddock passed away in 2015. He was professor of preaching at Candler School of Theology, one of 13 seminaries of the United Methodist Church. Now before you think I’ve gone totally of the rails here I would like to offer a quote of his that is relevant to...

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helping hand

A person’s a person no matter how small

A person’s a person no matter how small That famous line comes from the book Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Suess. The books main character of Horton the Elephant, while splashing in a pool, hears a small speck of dust talking to him. Horton believes that a small...

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Justice, it’s more than a word

When it comes to the virtues justice can be somewhat of a cliché. You see it nearly everywhere. It is famously quoted in Superman as “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” If someone takes someone breaks into your home and something is stolen, you expect the local police to...

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Tempering our desires

We have previously explored the virtue of prudence which allows one to approach situations and make wise decisions. A virtue that goes hand in hand with prudence is temperance. This virtue by definition moderates the desire for pleasure however it is much more than that. Our day to day...

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The Gift of Confirmation

This coming week, my daughter Molly will be confirmed by our Bishop. I thought this would be a good opportunity to write on this sacrament. For confirmands this is yet another huge step in their faith formation. The journey does not and should not end with their Confirmation. The journey...

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Dear Prudence

Have you ever responded to an email with a scathing reply within minutes of receiving it? Have you been in a store and succumbed to and impulse buy of an item you didn’t really need? Maybe you acted immediately and angrily to that driver that cut you off in...

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Humility: The foundation of everything

The proud man counts his newspaper clippings, the humble man his blessings. – Fulton Sheen This week as we continue our faith journey we will begin a weekly look at the virtues. Humility seems like a natural start to our studies. The virtue of humility is the cornerstone to...

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Filling the God-Shaped Hole

In his monumental work Confessions, St, Augustine tells us “You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee.” St. Augustine was the first to speak of this longing of the human heart for its Creator.  We are created with a...

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Running the Race, Victory at Hand

Football season is behind us, spring training is over and baseball’s Opening Day has arrived. Local dirt tracks are gearing up and NASCAR is in full swing. Sports fans gleefully cheer on their favorite drivers or teams as each sport embarks on its own race to the championship prize....

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The Power of Divine Mercy

Last week I proposed that we embark on a journey…a springtime renewal. To begin this journey, I can’t think of a better way than to turn towards the liturgical calendar and look forward to this coming Sunday. We have a unique opportunity to take advantage of celebrating Divine Mercy...

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A Springtime Renewal

Spring has sprung March 20th marks the first day of spring. As I sit here writing this article it is a balmy 37 degrees outside. It may not feel like spring but I digress, the calendar says it’s spring, so we will accept that fact. Springtime is a time...

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Confession…Be Not Afraid!

Confession…Be Not Afraid! Fear, anxiety, dread, embarrassment. These are all emotions one may feel when faced with having to go to confession. This is not how it needs to be, in fact it’s not how it’s meant to be. One thing to remember is that the sacrament of Confession...

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How to Raise Catholic Kids

Hahahaha. Ha. Ha. If only this topic was as easy as a blog post. Really, if I had the answer to this I’d be making millions thousands as a Catholic speaker. I’d be the rockstar of Catholic mom bloggers with baby’s on their hips and disheveled dad’s bouncing their...

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How Your Family Can Get the Most Out of Lent

Lent seems like a lonely endeavor sometimes. Everyone has their own sins to fight and their own sacrifices to keep up with. Even Christ was in the desert alone for forty days. So can Lent be a family activity? It’s much easier for the second-biggest Catholic feast – Christmas...

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Call of St. Anthony -- Athanasius -2- Painting The Rich Young Ruler

Take the Biblezon Lenten Challenge

Lent is only 21 days away. It snuck up on you, didn’t it? Me too. It seems like only a week or so since the “Christmas is almost here!” signs were everywhere, and now it’s almost Lent. In a few days, we’ll start asking each other what we’re giving...

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