Come visit the Biblezon Shop

Biblezon is your one stop shop to fill all your Christmas gift needs. This year we have opened the brand new Biblezon store and it is LOADED with great gift ideas. Not only can you get our well-known and love Biblezon Tablets we have... [...]


BibleZon 25 Days of Advent app is here!

BibleZon has recently released their “25 Days of Advent” app on Google Play, iTunes and the BibleZon Store. The app is a feature rich resource for your Advent faith journey that provides users with a way to reflect upon the true meaning of Advent.... [...]


Interview with Anna Nuzzo

Anna Nuzzo is an international Catholic singer/songwriter from Kenosha WI, USA. Although she has been singing professionally for over 20 years, she credits her Marian Consecration in 2012 for dramatically jumpstarting her fast-growing music ministry. Anna currently has available three CDS, Be Love: Songs... [...]


Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Encyclopedia app

Biblezon Encyclopedia app Often when reading a book or scripture you encounter a word you are not familiar with. This is where a Catholic encyclopedia becomes very handy. Biblezon has created an encyclopedia app to fill this need. The home page of the app... [...]


Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Confession App

Confession is the sacrament by which we are freed of sins committed after Baptism. Biblezon has created an app to help users better understand and partake in this life-changing sacrament. The app firstly contains an introduction to confession that outlines the churches’ teachings on... [...]


Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Quiz App

Biblezon Quiz app Biblezon, has created a challenging quiz app for all to enjoy. The Biblezon Quiz app contains literally hundreds of quizzes, in many different categories. Enough to keep users busy and entertained for a long time. The questions are divided into twenty-two... [...]


Help us help you to “pray without ceasing”

Help us launch a product that protects your phone and at the same time will help you to “pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 A few years ago BibleZon CEO and founder Mosongo Osong left behind the secular business world and sought to find... [...]


Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Catholic Apologetics

Biblezon Catholic Apologetics app Apologetics is the defense of the Catholic faith by using the truths of the faith as the basis of defense. Biblezon has created an app that covers the basis of the faith and will arm readers with the knowledge they... [...]


Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Catechism for kids

Biblezon Catechism for kids  An integral part of learning the Catholic faith is to know the Catechism. Biblezon has created an app to make learning the Catechism easy for kids. The app home page contains clickable images relative to the nine sections of the... [...]


Refining Gold

We go to Mass, we partake in frequent confession but we are not quite perfect are we? We are inherently human. We slip, we fall, we make mistakes. We often face many a trial in pot lives. Some shake us to our core. Some,... [...]

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