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Biblezon heads to Rome


The Biblezon Catholic Tablet is the first tablet dedicated entirely to your Catholic faith. Many people have experienced the advantages of a Biblezon tablet. They love the ability to use modern technology without the distractions of text messages or phone calls. The portability of taking an entire library of resources with you in a 7” tablet is a huge advantage for being able to nurture your faith.

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Recently Ryan Conklin, friend of Biblezon CEO and Founder Mosongo Osong made a pilgrimage to Rome. He and his new bride were headed to the Vatican for a Papal Wedding Blessing. Not only did they take along the customary wedding dress and suit but they had a very special package with them as well and the hope that they could make delivery of it to Pope Francis.

Upon hearing of this opportunity Mosongo began work on a very special and unique Biblezon Catholic Tablet. This one-of-a-kind tablet was destined for a very special user and had to reflect the significance of this moment. This tablet was for the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope himself.

pope-francis-tabletThe design of this Biblezon began with a white tablet. Designers added a photo of Pope Francis to the back and to the case as well. The operating system and available apps are the same as those all current end users of the Biblezon Catholic Tablet have access to. Ryan took the special edition tablet in the hopes of making delivery to Pope Francis.

That moment did indeed arrive the day of the wedding blessing. While standing in a receiving line, Ryan handed Pope Francis the boxed tablet.


Once unpacked he began showing Pope Francis the functionality of the Biblezon.  It was helpful that Ryan had spent 7 years in Rome as a seminarian and speaks Spanish, the Pope’s native language. “Your Spanish is very good”, Pope Francis told him. The Pope was very impressed and excited by what he saw in the Biblezon tablet.


Also included in the box was a message from Biblezon Founder Mosongo Osong. In the letter he thanked Pope Francis for what he was doing for the Church and the world, in particular his message of love and mercy. He explained the mission of Biblezon to create products that will inspire, educate and evangelize the Catholic faith in a revolutionary way. Lastly he humbly asked for the Pope’s blessings.

All team members here at Biblezon are thrilled that Pope Francis received the tablet which such enthusiasm. As we continue to add functionality and value to the product it humbles us to know that the Pope may be turning his Biblezon Catholic Tablet on to see what we have been working on. We hope that all end users of the tablet share in our excitement. We are anxiously awaiting the Pope’s reply to Mosongo’s letter and a potential endorsement of the product.

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