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Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Catholic Apologetics


Biblezon Catholic Apologetics app

Apologetics is the defense of the Catholic faith by using the truths of the faith as the basis of defense. Biblezon has created an app that covers the basis of the faith and will arm readers with the knowledge they need to explain and defend Catholicism.

There are 34 topics covered in the app. These include: The Priesthood, The Real Presence, Sins, Purgatory, Moral Issues, Mary and the Saints, End Times, End Times, Cohabitation, and Abortion.

It is imperative in today’s age, when the church is constantly attacked by the secular world, that Catholics know what the Catholic Church teaches and how to properly defend the Church’s teachings.

The Biblezon Catholic Apologetics app is one more way that Biblezon, users can effectively learn the Catholic faith.

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