Biblezon App of the Week: Biblezon Catechism for kids


Biblezon Catechism for kids 

An integral part of learning the Catholic faith is to know the Catechism. Biblezon has created an app to make learning the Catechism easy for kids. The app home page contains clickable images relative to the nine sections of the Catechism. Each section is broken down into sub-sections presented as a question with explanation.

Let’s take a look at the first section to get an idea of how this works. Section 1: Profession of the Faith, contains 19 subsections.. These include Who is God?, What is God?, Who is the Virgin Mary?, and Who belongs to the Catholic Church?. Clicking on each opens a window where kids can either read or playback an audio explanation a few paragraphs a length. Upon reading and/or listening to each section kids will have a great basic understanding of what the Catechism says and the teaching of the Church.

The Biblezon Catechism for kids apps is yet another way Biblezon helps kids learn the Catholic faith.


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Peter Socks

Pete Socks is a well-known and well connected Catholic blogger who has been blogging at his Patheos site, The Catholic Book Blogger (, since 2012. He also serves as Managing Editor at Catholic Stand (, the online Catholic magazine. Throughout his blogging experience Pete has developed a passion for technology that helps him write and grow his Catholic faith. A convert to the faith since 1996 he will tell you his faith is still growing. “There is so much to learn about our Catholic faith that one could not possibly learn all of it in a lifetime.” Pete plans on taking what he has discovered about the faith from the multitude of books he has reviewed and sharing it here at Biblezon in a weekly blog post.

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