Faith Learning Solutions

We provide innovative solutions for faith learning.

Our suite of learning resources are designed to help parishes and schools integrate technology with faith learning. This is a revolutionary approach that will engage students and involve parents in the children’s faith development.


A Catholic faith formation & religious education platform
for families, schools & parishes. The website contains thousands
of resources from videos, lessons, songs, quizzes, games, bible stories, saint stories
& much more.


A revolutionary way to help Catholics learn and study the bible everyday.
With daily bible stories, reflections, games & quizzes, we engage Catholics
to become Bible geniuses.

Launches 12/01/2019

Faith formation office

A great tool for managing your entire faith formation & religious education program.
Easily process registration, communicate with catechists, teachers, students & parents, schedule classes, assign lessons, take attendance and access a library of faith formation resources from our partners.

Launches 04/15/2019

Family Catechism

An online CCD program for families based on the Baltimore Catechism.
38 video lessons accompanied by lesson plans, quizzes, games, prayers, activities, saints, daily readings and more. Perfect for homeschooling families.

Launches 04/30/19

Catechism Bowl Competition

The Catechism Bowl is a competition for 5th through 8th grade students. The purpose of this competition is to engage students in the faith, helping them understand what it means to be a Catholic, our beliefs, history and tradition. Students will compete to see who has memorized the most catechism lessons. Catechisms are Bible-based truths written in a question and answer format.


Those of us that work in Ministry should be constantly striving to meet those in our care ‘where they are’. For our young people, this is often through digital media, and allows us this opportunity with quality, Catholic content.

Jennifer HardeeEarly Childhood Faith Formation and VBS Coordinator
Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church

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