Learn and Live to practice your Catholic faith daily. Take your Catholic faith with you everywhere with this sleek holy tablet. Whether you want to read the bible, daily scriptures, or pray the rosary. Secure, Safe and Holy. It is okay to be Holy. Biblezon provides a faith-only platform with no internet browsing. This Catholic tablet includes the laudete app along with many of the best free Catholic apps, Books, Levitra Pill, Cialis Coupon, Games and more!
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Biblezon is a Catholic tablet that provides a revolutionary way for Catholics to learn, Live and Practice their Catholic Faith in a Secure, Safe and Distraction free environment.

Why use Biblezon?

Pre loaded content: Biblezon Catholic tablet comes preloaded with over 52 Catholic apps for both kids and adults and a marketplace to download more Catholic apps and books. Over 80% of our apps work offline!
Daily Activities: Everyday, Biblezon Provides: Readings from Mass with reflections, Daily Prayer, Saint Of The Day, Word Of The Day, Quiz Of The Day, Spiritual Exercises to Strengthen your Faith, and Faith Based Discussion Topics.
Focus, Safe, Secure & Holy: Focus on your Catholic Faith with No access to Internet Browsing, Email, Social Media or any unholy sites and content. All content is Catholic and Safe!
Prayer Community: Join our Biblezon Prayer Community to Post your personal intentions, Pray with others and participate in our discussion forum.
Convenience: Lightweight and easy to carry with you everywhere.


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“The Biblezon tablet is a wonderful device that holds hundreds of prayers and devotions that are just “one click” away. No need to carry multiple prayer books anymore, while the children’s version provides additional stories and animation geared to help form young catholic minds. A great family tool for the New Evangelization!”
– Doug Keck, CEO/President EWTN
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“In a world where Internet sanity is eluding us, Biblezon is what we need to keep us focused. Biblezon is a tablet that helps Catholics to pray and concentrate on growing their spiritual lives without the distraction of mundane applications that are found on regular tablets. This Church-only tablet brings together the collection of Catholic prayers and meditation with readings that enrich individual faith. I recommend Biblezon for the spiritual growth of Catholics.”
– Rev. Father Jacob Dankasa,
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“The BibleZon tablet is a great way for Catholics around the world to engage daily in their faith without distractions. We at TheCatholicDirectory.com are pleased that BibleZon users will be able to stay connected with their churches 24×7 with our Mass Times Catholic Directory app on the tablet as well!”
– Don Schreiner, President, TheCatholicDirectory.com

Customer Reviews

Leslie Michelle Crosbie


“Mine just arrived yesterday and it’s absolutely wonderful! Got one for my dad for Christmas and the kids tablet for each of my children!”

Rosie Carrillo


“I have and I love it, it doesn’t distract me from going to my email or anything else. I thank my son for getting it for me as a Christmas gift.”

Pete Socks


“This device is a simple tablet that does one thing good. Deliver tools, at your fingertips, to enrich your Catholic faith while eliminating any possibility of secular distraction on the device. It is a device I now find myself using for the Liturgy of the Hours and daily readings.”



” So happy with my purchase, I love all my catholic info in one place, I love the liturgy of the hours, I go to Adoration every week and instead of an arm full of devotionals and Bible I now use my Biblezon tablet! Love it ! “




Learn, live & Practice your Catholic faith! Take your Catholic faith with you everywhere with this 7" sleek holy tablet. Preloaded with Catholic Apps, Books, Games and more!