Welcome to your Biblezon Tablet!

Let’s show you how to use your Biblezon tablet.The videos below will help you with the most commonly used features.

Click on the FAQ’s for more details,you should also have a look at the User Manual. You can download it here.. You should find it in the Biblezon Tablet, or you can download it here.


Help & Support Video Links

Getting Started

How to Use The Biblezon Store

The Biblezon Launcher…Using the apps

Video Tutorials

How The Biblezon Tablet Works

Setting Up Your Biblezon Tablet

Biblezon Tablet Features

Biblezon package Contents

New Update – Navigator:

New Help and Support App:

New Update – Biblezon Store

New Updates – Biblezon Books and Encyclopedia

How To Refresh Tablet if Running Slow

How To Recover A Deleted Launcher

Helpful Tips – How To Stop Multiple Downloads

How To Get Rid of Duplicate Apps

Frequently asked questions

How much does the tablet cost?
What is the method of shipping used?
How many apps does the Biblezon tablet come with?
Is there a warranty?
How long is the battery life?
Why is my tablet running slow?
How can I access files from my sd card on the Biblezon Tablet?
How do I connect my WiFi?
Why does my tablet lock after one minute?
How do set my tablet to stay on longer without locking/go to sleep?
My home screen/launcher shows duplicate apps. why?
How do I get liturgy of the hours on my tablet?

Do I need WiFi to operate and use my Biblezon tablet?
How do I contact Biblezon customer service?
Can I download other Catholic apps of my choice on the Biblezon tablet?
Why can't I check my email on my Biblezon tablet?
What if I am not satisfied with the Biblezon tablet?
Why is it taking long to load a page or open an app?
I downloaded an app and now I cannot find it on the home screen.
What type of files are supported on the Biblezon Tablet?
Can I return my tablet if I don't like it?
How do I access other catholic websites?
How do I download an app from the Biblezon Store?
How do I stop multiple downloads?
My WiFi is on, why does it still say I need to connect to my WiFi?

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